About this Grant

The purpose of the holiday grant is to support a family who are in significant need of time out and pay for costs towards a holiday. The maximum amount is $1,000 exclusive of GST per holiday. There is a cap of $2000 for holiday grants per family before your child turns 22 years.

The holiday grant is valid for 3 months. Please let us know if you need an extension.


To be eligible for a grant the child/young person must:

  • Have a disability that is primarily physical.
  • Be younger than 22 years
  • Live in the northern half of the North Island of New Zealand (as defined by the Trust Deed).
  • The family has a need for financial assistance.

Ethnicity: We request information in the application form about the child's ethnicity because we are required to report not only on the geographical spread of beneficiaries but also to focus on Maori and Pacific communities in order to reduce health inequities.


Holiday Grant: You are responsible for:

  • Booking your accommodation
  • Cancellation fees incurred
  • Any charges over $1,000
  • Meals and entertainment.


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