Group Grant Application Form

We welcome applications from groups and not-for-profit organisations that are seeking to provide an enriching experience that will benefit children who have a physical disability covered by the Wilson Home Trust Deed and Grants Policy. Examples include: recreation, sport, communication, socialisation and therapeutic activities.

Eligibility - The Group must benefit an eligible child/ren defined as:

50% or more of the group that the grant applies must meet all of the Trusts criteria and evidence must be provided to demonstrate the:

  • A child or young person with a disability that is primarily physical.
  • Who is younger than 22 years and
  • Who lives in the northern half of the North Island of New Zealand (as defined in the Trust Deed).
  • The group or organisation has a financial need.

Excluded: items that are funded by Government agencies (e.g Accessable or Enable)

Applications will be considered monthly and you will be notified of the Grant's Committee's decision by the first week of the following month.

Ethnicity: We request information in the application form about the child/ren's ethnicity because we are required to report not only on the geographical spread of beneficiaries but also to focus on Maori and Pacific communities in order to reduce health inequities.


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