The Wilson Home Trust offers a range of grants that aim to assist and improve the lives of children and young adults with physical disabilities, and their whanau. 

Available Grants


Grant Type Limit Number of Applications per Child up to age 22
Equipment/Activity  $5,000 

Multiple times up to the limit

Wellbeing and Counselling  $1,000 x  2

Twice - can be use for child/parent/sibling

Holiday $2,000

Multiple times up to the limit with no one holiday costing more than $1,000

Emergency Grant $2,000

Individual applications are capped at $1,000, the number of applications is at the discretion of the Trust Manager up to the limit

Hydrotherapy $800

Hydrotherapy/Water Confidence for 12 months


Subject to eligibility criteria for full details click here.

Grant Forms Update - March 2021

Extra information and checks have been introduced to the grant funding process.

  • First time applicants must include:
    • Person applying for the grant must supply proof of identity – eg driving license or passport
    • Proof of the child’s diagnosis – medical certificate or GP letter
  • Support letters must include the contact details of the medical professional and the letterhead must include the contact details
  • Supplier invoices maybe be checked at the companies office and should include a deposit slip with their name on it

Zoe and Brother

Zoe - Equipment Grant

Basketball Wheelchair

Basketball Wheelchair - Equipment Grant

RDA Whangarei

RDA Whangarei - Group Grant



  • We are overdue in letting you know how successful the DMO orthotics were for our daughter. Her posture was so much better and her balance more stable with far less falls when wearing them. That was a significant investment and we would have struggled without your generous support. So wonderful, thank you.”

  • We have got the twin buggy through your trust funding just recently.  I also received a call asking if everything went through fine and we are enjoying the buggy. I can't thank you guys enough for all this. You guys are the true heroes working to give others the best possible support. Thank you so much on behalf of my whole family.